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Don Collins PR Shocking Experience in Houston Texas

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Houston is known for the hustle and bustle roads, variety of authentic foods, and as space city. There are an endless number of things to do, but the place that Don Collins held an event at, was Permission Whiskey.

Permission Whiskey's staff is extremely knowledgable. If you're seen with an empty drink at your table, someone was always quick to stop by and ask if you wanted another. I tip my hat off to them for being able to work a room, make perfect suggestions, and provide the best customer experience.

We set up shop toward the corner of the bar and started prepping for Don Collin fans at 5:00PM.

Lionel Parks setting up Don Collins Cigars at Permission Whiskey

With a few minutes to spare, we start off the event by getting to know the owner of Permission Whiskey, Peter Nolan. Peter was a manager at another bar working day and night to keep things running smoothly. After a working and learning the in and outs of managing a bar, Peter decided to launch his own place. Thus, Permission Whiskey was born! I'd highly recommend stopping by and getting to know the full story for yourself!

It's now 5 and we are ready to launch and share our premium cigars with lucky customers.

We were even able to have an actual Don Collins cigar drink made for us right before our eyes!

Our experience at Permission Whiskey is one to remember.

Until next time Houston!

Let us know if you'd like for us to visit your hometown in the comments!

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