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Since 1991 Don Collins has been a small family-owned business. See below to get to know the members of our team and how they support the business - from mountain to cigar!

Edward Collins

Founder of the brand Don Collins and former president of Puerto Rico Tobacco Corporation. Edward Collins had a vision and keen eye for quality cigars and coffee. He began the brand Don Collins in 1987 and his legacy continues to the present day.

Anthony Collins

President of Puerto Rico Tobacco Corporation has been helping Don Collins throughout his entire life. Anthony enjoys sharing our story and history with authentic Puerto Rican products. With the help of an amazing team, Anthony now runs the business and shares the flavor of Puerto Rico with everyone that he meets.

Melissa Moreno

Business Architect of Don Collins and avid coffee drinker. Melissa began her journey with Don Collins when Hurricane Maria struck the island. Having seen the community come together and genuine love for the island, she grew a passion to be able to help as well. By joining the team, her goal has been to find ways to help small businesses to continue to thrive. 

Lionel Park

Chief Financial Officer and long time friend of Anthony Collins. Lionel has spent a decade gathering experience in everything from operations to finance to program management for a large corporation. He has finally been bitten by the bug to try something different. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and discussing personal finance. 

Sung R. Kim

General Counsel of Don Collins. Mr. Kim was in South Korea and immigrate to Longview Texas as a young toddler. He attended Baylor University where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Business with a focus in Marketing and Real Estate Appraisal. He started his own real estate business and attended law school at Texas Southern University's Thurgood Marshall School of Law. He earned his Juris Doctorate in 2014 and became licensed to practice law in Texas. He opened his own boutique law firm in 2016 where he still operates. 

Reinaldo Diaz

Sales Administrator of Don Collins. Reinaldo has a passion for supporting local business and enjoys educating others on the history of Don Collins. With more than a year's experience in the field, he also has helped with training new team members in showing them the ropes of how Don Collins operates. On his spare time, you can catch him listening to music and engaging in the sport Muay Thai. 

Alana Gomez

Sales and Social Media Specialist of Don Collins. Alana first joined Don Collins with wanting to assist with administrative work. After her first day, the team came to quickly realize, Alana has a natural instinct in connecting with others and creating an memorable experience. She has now taken on capturing the memories she creates at Don Collins and sharing with everyone on our social media sites. 

Zachary Staiti

Sales Associate of Don Collins. Zach is originally from L.A born and raised. He decided to make the move to Puerto Rico after meeting his girlfriend abroad who is originally from the island. With previous experience in brewing coffee, you can now catch him brewing a cup of Don Collins Coffee or discussing travel, golf, or sports.

Omar Delgado

Sales Administrator Assistant at Don Collins. Omar joined the team in 2023 with knowledge and skills of how to manage projects and collaborating with others to get things done. Being apart of the Island, he has helped Don Collins in connecting with others and expanding the brand beyond PR. 


Sales Administrator Assistant at Don Collins. Ronalyn has been an invaluable asset to our team, consistently going above and beyond to deliver excellence. Ronalyn has made a significant impact on the company. She always bring her A-game to the table, inspiring us all with innovative ideas, leadership, and attention to detail. 

Don Collins founder of the brand and board member of Puerto Rico Tobacco Corporation
President of Don Collins and part of Puerto Rico Tobacco Corporation
Business Architect of Don Collins. Female in red dress in front of Old San Juan Door
Chief Financial Officer of Don Collins. Male in suit
General Counsel of Don Collins: Sung R. Kim smiling at a camera with a blazer and a tie
Photo of caucasian Young male in his twenties smirking at the camera wearing a black shirt and black jeans with belt, he has a beard
Young adult female smiling and posing outside Old San Juan in front of purple door
Man in early 20s wearing a colorful shirt outside Puerto Rico in Old San Juan smiling
Man in his early 20s outside Old San Juan works in cigar shop of Puerto Rico
Female employee of local cigar shop in Puerto Rico

Cigar Culture

Part of our what connects us as a community are the rules and traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. Read the articles below to learn more about cigar culture including some useful tips and etiquette. 

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