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Visit our Lounge in a 500 Year Building


Visit our store in San Juan to enjoy a one-of-a-kind cigar smoking experience (maybe even paired with a nice cold Puerto Rican rum or beer). It is the perfect place to learn about our different cigars and experience them in the casual and inviting ambiance that is the hallmark of Puerto Rican hospitality.


Monday-Sunday 11:00AM-7:00PM

Phone: (866)977-2983


A tropical island full of mountainous beauty, a rich culture, delicious food, historic churches and forts, AND the finest hand-rolled cigars Puerto Rico has to offer? Time to plan a trip to San Juan, and make sure to include a stop at Don Collins.



"This place is a gem. I was looking for local flavor, and this is exactly what I found. The cigars were great, they made wonderful and informed suggestions, and paired my cigar with an awesome local sipping rum..."

"What a wonderful little shop in beautiful Old San Juan. We purchased cigars and whiskey. This is our 2nd time back while visiting Puerto Rico. A huge plus ,they are military and service members friendly."



Are you searching for a coffee lounge?  We now have coffee and cocktail lounge right around the corner from our cigar lounge! 

Don Collins now offers a cozy space for you and your family! 

Come see it for yourself

 Let's Get Social 

Don't forget to use the official hashtags #DonCollinsCigars (when enjoying your next cigar) and #DonCollinsPR (for our store location) to share your experience with the world.

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