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Don Collins cultivates all-natural Puerto Rican tobacco. Our tobacco plants are grown pesticide and chemical free in the pristine mountains of Puerto Rico, and are harvested by local farmers. From curing and aging the leaves to the creation of the cigar itself, we strive to deliver the utmost quality in our products while continuing to honor time-tested methods and traditions.

Our cigars are Made By Hand in the Oldest Surviving Cigar Factory in the Caribbean. Founded in 1506, the building stands on the site of the ancient Taíno festival, Sik'ar. When the Spanish discovered the festival, they took the products back to Spain as cigarros. Thus the legend began...

Featured Deals

We also offer rich Puerto Rican coffee, cigar bundles & accessories, and of course some Don Collins merchandise!

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Premium Cigar Matches

On orders $100+

Our Services

If you would like to have a more intimate experience during your trip to Puerto Rico, we are now offering the following services

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Private Events

Reserve your space in our cigar lounge to have a catered experience for you and your group. You will have dedicated staff to ensure your event happens without a hinch.

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Cigar Pairing

Explore the captivating interplay between the aged, nuanced profiles of premium cigars and the diverse, complex notes of regionally crafted rums.

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