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Puerto Rican Cigars are the most underrated smokes. Our cigars are superior in taste and flavor since our tobacco never gets sprayed with pesticides or chemicals.

See how our historic cigars are crafted

Bayamon Mountain emphasizing lush soil

Puerto Rican Soil

Crafting a premium Puerto Rican cigar is an art form deeply rooted in tradition and passion. It all begins with the selection of the finest tobacco leaves, cultivated with care in the fertile soil of Puerto Rico's countryside. Each leaf is meticulously inspected, handpicked, and aged to perfection, allowing its unique flavors and aromas to develop.


The journey of a cigar begins long before it's rolled and enjoyed. It all starts with a tiny yet mighty seed – the foundation of flavor, aroma, and character that will define the cigar's essence.

In the nurturing environment of a cigar seed nursery, these precious seeds are carefully sown, signaling the beginning of a journey that will span years and generations. The nursery is a sanctuary, a place where attention to detail is paramount, and every seed is treated with the utmost care.

Under the watchful eyes of experienced growers, the seeds germinate, their delicate roots reaching down into the soil in search of sustenance. Each seedling is tenderly nurtured, shielded from harsh elements and nurtured with just the right balance of sunlight, water, and nutrients.

Puerto Rican Tobacco Farm

Tobacco Fields

Tobacco farm in puerto rico as historic as cuban cigar fields
Puerto Rico Tobacco Corporation Farm

As the seedlings grow into sturdy plants, they are carefully transplanted into the fertile fields where they will flourish. But even as they take root in the earth, the journey is far from over. For these young plants hold the promise of future cigars – each leaf a canvas upon which the master blender will paint a masterpiece of flavor and complexity.


Inside, the air is thick with the heady aroma of tobacco as the leaves hang from wooden poles, suspended like works of art waiting to be unveiled. The process of curing is a slow and patient one, requiring a delicate dance of controlled conditions and careful observation.

As the leaves gradually dry, their vibrant green hue fades to a rich golden brown, signaling the transformation from raw leaf to smokable tobacco. But it's not just the color that changes – with each passing day, the leaves develop depth of flavor and complexity, their natural sugars intensifying to create the distinct taste profiles prized by cigar enthusiasts.

Tobacco leaves curing on a string hung up
PRTC Factory where tobacco get sorted and handrolled


From barn to factory, The leaves begin to transported to begin the set up of separating leaves for rollers and aging. Our factory sits on an historic site where the big smoke was once held. 


The tobacco leaf after being sorted for cigar rollers to handroll into a cigar


Once the leaves have reached the desired level of dryness and maturity, they undergo a conditioning process to stabilize their moisture content and ensure uniformity. This may involve stacking the leaves in piles or bales and allowing them to rest for a period of time.

Cigar roller hands with knife and leaf on wooden table in cigar lounge

Cigar rolling is a meticulous craft involving the careful selection, sorting, and preparation of tobacco leaves. Skilled artisans roll the filler, binder, and wrapper leaves to create the cigar's body, structure, and outer layer. Each step, from shaping to final inspection, demands precision and expertise. The result is not just a smoke but a work of art, reflecting centuries of tradition and craftsmanship in every premium cigar.


After cigars are rolled, they undergo a meticulous quality control process to ensure consistency and excellence. Inspectors visually examine each cigar for imperfections, check weight and size, test draw resistance, assess aroma and flavor, inspect construction and firmness, and verify packaging. Random sampling and documentation help track quality trends. This rigorous process ensures that every cigar meets the highest standards of craftsmanship before reaching customers.

Man looking at each handrolled cigar in factory to ensure each cigar is up to standard


These freshly rolled cigars are then placed in aging rooms, where they undergo a transformation, allowing the flavors to meld and mature over time. This patient aging process is essential to achieving the depth and complexity that define a premium Puerto Rican cigar.

Cigars placed in aging room to ensure each cigar matures


Cedar Cigar Humidor Box hold puerto rican cigars 25 count

After the aging process, each cigar is elegantly packaged in cedar-lined boxes adorned with embossed logos and traditional motifs, ensuring freshness and flavor preservation. The packaging not only showcases the brand's commitment to quality but also serves practical purposes, protecting the cigars during transit and storage. Overall, Don Collins Cigars' branding and packaging embody the essence of Puerto Rican craftsmanship and heritage, offering customers a piece of history with every smoke.

Puerto Rican Soil
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