Don Collins T-Shirt

Don Collins T-Shirt

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Celebrate and share your love of the history of Puerto Rico and its world-class products with your very own Don Collins T-shirt! The back shows a portion of a 17th century engraving done by a French historian of a Taíno taking part in the ancient Sik'ar festival of Boriken. This engraving was found in an out-of-print encyclopaedia by the legendary Don Collins himself during his research into the history of the indigenous people of Puerto Rico and the island's rich history of tobacco.


Your choice of 3 colors: Black, Heather Gray, White

Your choice of 6 adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

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    As with all of our products, these t-shirts are printed here in Puerto Rico and every sale helps to support the Puerto Rican textile industry.