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Our Products*
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Don Collins Coffee
Locally grown and manufactured Puerto Rican Coffee consisting of 100% Arabica beans. Our premium Coffee helps to support Puerto Rican farmers and non-profit organizations. But the real reason to buy this Coffee is because you won’t find better anywhere else.

16 oz bag. $16.49 Item #: 000401 / 5 lb bag. $51.99 Item #: 000402

Don Collins Souvenirs
Various cotton t-shirts, polo shirts, caps and coffee mugs! See order site for latest offerings.

$12.99 - $22.99
Item #: 000200

Don Collins Humidor
Cedar-lined humidor with Cherry hardwood exterior. Cigars, matches and cutter in photos sold separately. Dimensions: 10.5" x 4.5" x 8.5" (width x height x depth)
. Capacity: holds 50-75 cigars.

Item #: 000504

Don Collins Cigar Cutter
Our custom branded cigar cutter.
Don Collins Matches
Our custom branded matches.

Item #: 000501

Item #: 000502

The wrapper of this cigar is cured along side vanilla beans to give it a light fragrance without affecting its naturally smooth flavor. Light, subtle, a timeless favorite.

Lonsdale - 6 ¼ inches x 44 ring
25 cigars per bundle. $141.38
Item #: 000301


A superior short filler with a mild yet rich intensity. Petite for a quick enjoyable smoke, this cigar will be a treat to the senses.

Corona - 5 inches x 44 ring
25 cigars per bundle. $111.62
Item #: 000302


Quilambo (Little Cigar)
This Isabela wrapped Puerto Rican short filler is the perfect mate to a smooth drink, light and rich in flavor this stogie will be sure to satisfy.

Quilambo - 4 inches x 16 ring
25 cigars per bundle. $69.73
Item #: 000303


The finest blend of Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Honduran long filler. A full-bodied flavor plus a smooth draw makes this cigar a unique pleasure.

Churchill - 7 ¼ inches x 48 ring
25 cigars per bundle. $191.48
Item #: 000304


Corona Grande
A distinct 100% Puerto Rican long filler accented by Hoja Prieta binder and wrapper. Consistent, rich, and smooth. A simply irresistible cigar.

Corona Grande – 5 ½ inches x 48 ring
25 cigars per bundle. $175.33
Item #: 000305


A solid, peppery smoke with a rich blend of Puerto Rican long filler. Sure to satisfy the seasoned smoker.

Piramide- 7 ¼ inches x 52 ring
25 cigars per bundle. $201.48
Item #: 000306


Lonsdale LF
A medium bodied Puerto Rican long filler. This cigar is sized perfectly for the most even burn, flavor, and intensity. A truly superior smoke.

Lonsdale LF- 6 ¼ inch x 45 ring
25 cigars per bundle. $141.38
Item #: 000307


Puros Indios
This cigar is solely trusted in the hands of our master roller. His unique blend of cinnamon and rum makes for an unparalleled smoke. Rolled wet, this cigar demonstrates the age-old tradition of cigar rolling in Puerto Rico. A tribute to the legacy that is the cigar.

Puros Indios- 6 inches x 46 ring
25 cigars per bundle. $225.13
Item #: 000311


Lonsdale Rum
The wrapper of this cigar is cured in Puerto Rico’s finest Ron del Barrilito three star rum. Between the subtlety of the oak and the rich flavor of the rum, this cigar will not disappoint.

Lonsdale Rum - 6 ¼ inches x 44 ring
25 cigars per bundle. $141.38
Item #: 000312


Sample Pack, 5
Includes one of each: Lonsdale, Corona, Quilambo, Corona Grande, and Lonsdale Rum.

Sample pack of five cigars. $37.26
Item #: 000313


Sample Pack, 9
Includes one of each of our fine cigars: Lonsdale, Corona, Quilambo, Churchill, Corona Grande, Piramide, Lonsdale LF, Puros Indios, and Lonsdale Rum.

Sample pack of nine cigars. $67.10
Item #: 000314

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